How long can I expect it to take

There are a few factors that influence the amount of time we spend. Moving and replacing your furniture, the number of rooms we will be servicing, how high the humidity is and what types of finishes are used, will add time to the curing process. But generally speaking, we can be in and out of your home or business in than eight hours to 24 hours. For a more specific time, just give us a call! We'll be more than happy to discuss the details of your floors with you!

What kind of finish do you use?

Eco Forest Flooring uses several different type of finishes depending on your needs. From top notch commercial products which are more oil based to certified green water based products. To see product specifics visit the Products Links at the bottom of each page.


I've used an acrylic product I bought online. Can you still refinish my floors?

Yes! We can remove any of the online or over the counter inexpensive floor finishes that are on the market, even if they are chipping or uneven. Be sure to tell us what you used and we will know how to take care of your floor!

I have paint splatters and spills on the floor. Can the paint be removed?

Yes! We have come across many floors that has paint drips and splatters, some literally covered in paint. Our proprietary process will remove most and in some cases all of the paint. We always try our very best not to allow anything to remain on the floor surface before we seal it..

I want to remove my carpet myself, any suggestions?

Pulling up the carpets is a lot of work! But here is a quick guide on how to do this:
  • Cut a section at a time with a carpet knife (without cutting into the floor!)
  • Roll that section up, and then pull up that section of padding.
  • Use pliers (almost any kind will do but some are easier on the hands than others) to remove the staples that held down the pad. Pull them straight up to that you will leave the smallest mark in the floor. If they are tight to the floor, tap a small screw driver under them just enough to use the pliers.
  • use a pry bar to pull up the tack board that runs around the room. Those nails are sharp, so use care! Remove left behind nails with a hammer claw or pry bar.
  • During our service for preparation of the floors following carpet removal, we will fill any holes that are noticeable. We also offer quarter round and shoe molding installation. Eco Forest Flooring will custom cut,stain and finish the quarter round to bring together your floor and the wall in a spectacular fashion! We also can move your furniture and pull your carpets up for you!

How durable is the finish?

Yes! The finishes that we use have been tested for durability under multiple tests and are considered all of the top products on the market today. Together we will determine what finish will work best in your home or business depending on traffic, pets etc.

Can Eco Forest Flooring get rid of pet stains?

Pet stains are common problems we see. These dark, black marks often go all the way through so if the board is turned over, the stain will still be there. Whether you use our service or sand these stains, they normally won’t come out. The industry standard in this case is to recommend board replacement, unless you can hide the damaged sections of the floor with furniture or an area rug. In those cases, we will just proceed with our service. If you’d like board replacement, we have master carpenters on staff to handle that for you. More on pet stains: Pet urine forms bacteria within 24 hours. The bacteria eats through the urethane and into the board, and continues on through the board until it turns dark and is ruined. We also offer adding color to the floor to hide the damage.

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